The Nehemiah Troop Benevolence Ministry is a branch of the Empowerment Mission Agency that shows true compassion to those in need according to Isaiah 58:7.

As a Benevolence Ministry we are called to minister both physical and spiritual bread to hungry. It follows after the perfect examples of our Lord from scriptures to wipe away the tears of the widow and orphans. We are not only mandated to pray for the sick but we must also bless them materially to relieve pain. Our ministry of deliverance and healing must be accompanied with compassion and benevolence.

Today, we celebrate many testimonies of those who were displaced from work temporarily for taking care of themselves or their loved ones but are now totally healed and restored to their calling in life. We thank God for the privilege to touch many lives through NT Benevolence Ministry.

Please join us as we make a difference one day at a time fulfilling the command of the Lord in Matthew 25:35-36.


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