The Nehemiah Troop Prayer Ministry also known as “The Upper Room” is a daily prayer school that has a mandate to raise fire-branded watchmen for the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. It was born out of the need to intercede for the Nigerian students in the diaspora and to address the disrepair in the nation. We were meeting online every weekend but we gradually evolved to a full-time prayer ministry addressing the different aspects of prayer for all nations. We currently meet daily on the prayerline and hold the IGNITE conferences all over the world.

Our vision follows after that of Nehemiah and his troop in the Bible who did not rest until they had rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem. We are also calling out the watchmen assigned over every nation to join us today. Like Nehemiah, we must rebuild the walls of our Father’s house. He did not do it alone; he had the king and his brethren. May the Lord raise an army for you in the land He has called you to possess for Him.

In your spare time please read Nehemiah 2:1-20 .

Our daily prayer conference holds Monday through Friday at 6:30am (ET) and every Saturday at 8:00am (ET)

via www.StartMeeting.com
Meeting ID: NehemiahTroop
Dial +1 (319) 527-2402 (No Access Code needed for USA/Canada)
Kindly follow this link or the link above, for the list of numbers to dial in from 66 different countries.


The Upper Room is a place of divine encounter, divine instruction and intimacy with Jesus. It is also a place of spiritual nourishment, supernatural empowerment, resurrection and revelations: it is not about the multitudes but for the disciplined i.e. those disciples who have given themselves to the discipline of prayer and the word.

There were several of such encounters in the Bible:

Jesus with the Twelve
1. Jesus eating the last supper with the disciples Mark 14:15;22-25
2. Jesus instructing his disciples John 14:1-end
3. Jesus sharing leadership principles with his disciples John 13 and 15
4. Jesus praying for the disciples John 17:1-end
5. Jesus sharing deep revelations about the Holy Spirit John 14:15-18;26

Day of Pentecost: About 120 people were praying fervently in one accord and the fire fell Acts 2:2-4

Peter raised the dead: When Dorcas died and Peter prayed she came back to life Acts 9:36-43

Paul raised the dead: While teaching a boy (Eutychus) fell and died but was raised back to life Acts 20:8-12

Join us in this life transforming weekly prayer seminars by phone and also in an hotel near you and if you need prayers or counseling please contact us via email at nehemiahtroop@gmail.com. You can click on the links below for numerous prayer points and live prayer conference recordings.

God bless you.

The Nehemiah Troop Prayer Ministry

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